Nos Flocs

Born in the heart of Gascogne, made from a 16th century traditional recipe, FLOC is a subtle blend of grape juice and young armagnac produced on the estate.



Tasting notes:

Colour: A beautiful golden colour.

Nose: Subtle and complex with notes of fruit (apricot, pineapple) and flowers with a touch of honey.

Body: Round attack, mellow with notes of prune; characteristic of a fine Ténarèze.


Diplome d'honneur (bronze medal) at the 2014 regional wine competition of the syndicate of Floc de Gascogne producers.


A red or white Floc de Gascogne can be enjoyed at any time of the day, or poured over foie gras or melon, or to accompany a chocolate dessert.  It is amazing with blue-veined cheese.


Try it!

Serve chilled (6 - 8 °C)





Great in cocktails, too!



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