The  Domaine des Persenades offers a wide range of wines produced from traditional Ténarèze grape varieties, carefully vinified and bottled on the estate.



Ugni-Blanc Colombard :


A nose with hints of citrus fruits, notes of fresh hay and lychee.

Lively body, lemon flavour, with a clear fruit aroma. 

For seafood and fish dishes.


==> Bronze medal at the 2011 Concours Général de Paris

==> Guide Guilbert & Gaillard 2013

==> One star in the 2013 Guide Hachette


3 Cépages :


Our latest assembly that is perfectly balanced, both dry and fruity.

It releases pleasant, blending notes of citrus and exotic fruits.

As an aperitif or with fish, poultry and white meats.


==> Bronze medal at Féminalises 2013


Gros-Manseng Sauvignon :


Smoky character with notes of white citrus fruits and grapefruit

Sophisticated and tonic body, with white fruit and a touch of minerality

Goes perfectly with foie gras and is very subtle with a croustade Gasconne.


==> Guide Hubert 2011

==> Guide  Gilbert & Gaillard 2013

==> Silver medal at the 2012 concours des Vignerons Indépendants

Gros-Manseng Moelleux :


Exotic fruit, notes of lime and mango.
Lively body, hnits of exotic fruit, finishing with suave and lemon-flavoured aromas. 
As an aperitif or with foie gras, or even with a dessert ... but is also excellent with certain cheeses such as Comté, Vacherin, Roquefort.  You simply must try it!


==> Guide Hubert 2011 

==> Guide Gilbert & Gaillard 2013 

Petit-Manseng :


Notes of mango, honey, spices... 
Fruity body, tonic, with a honey finish.  
With a pastis gascon or ... to accompany a melting chocolate moelleux.


==> Silver medal at the 2012 Concours des Vignerons Indépendants 

==> Guide Gilbert & Gaillard 2013 

==> Two stars, 2013 Guide Hachette


Côtes de Gascogne Rosé:



With its subtle nose with floral accents and a deep raspberry colour, this rosé has a fruity character.

The pleasantly aromatic body extends into a acidulous note reminiscent of candy.

Served cool (8°C), it is great for dinner parties and the long summer evenings.

Côtes de Gascogne Rouge:



To be enjoyed young, served at room temperature, this red Gascogne has a beautiful bright red colour.

It presents a subtle bouquet of red fruit, with a found body and long finish.

It blends perfectly with local Gascony produce such as magret and confit of duck, as well as all grilled meats.



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